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How Google Apps Improves Learning?

According to students the best things about Google Apps are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to work on documents both at home and school
  • Same interface at home and school
  • documents are never lost
  • When collaborating on a document - Google Apps can record who did what.
  • ability to collaborate (i.e. able to work on the same document at the same time from remote locations)
  • Teacher calendar
  • Chat
  • Having both spreadsheet and PowerPoint software at home
  • Large enough user space that large projects such as video and podcasts can be saved and easily moved from home to school
  • Works on both Macs and PCs

According to teachers the best things about Google Apps are:

  • ability to easily share electronic documents with all students in a class quickly and easily
  • ability to up load Word and PowerPoint files
  • Easy to use web page creator
  • ability to search documents
  • calender
  • ability to make comments on students work as they are working on the document
  • prevents plagiarism (can see every revision of a document)
  • ability to post videos that are only viewable for people inside school domain
  • ability to limit (i.e. only to students of a class) who see class marks generated by markbook when the marks are posted
  • less photo-coping and printing