Huge opportunities have opened up for Students with such fast communication facilities, with easy access to the internet, increased travel and heightened global awareness. However, the information overload and opportunity explosion is such that it more often leads to more confusion than clarity, since everyone is presenting rosy pictures of their own institutions. Consequently, often students land up in countries or Institutions that do not deliver what they wanted and they return home dis-appointed.
Ratings driven people often find in retrospect that they are often based on shaky models, influenced or bought so you look at 5 different ratings and get five different answers!
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ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS is renowned and benchmarked overseas education consultancy for its free service for USA , UK , Canada , Ireland , New Zealand , Australia , Switzerland and Singapore.

ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS  guide the students in deciding the top university thus keeping in mind their individual academic requirements and limitations. The key of selecting the right school/college/institute in the right country helps the students to move in a right direction to reach the career goal. Studying abroad is a very significant  decision  for a student. This  decision  can be very puzzling and thus needs a lot of study about the conditions.

  • ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS   helps by  providing a detailed idea to all  the  students who are keen of  studying overseas. There are different feature to be seen while guiding students. 
  • ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS   has a well defined up-to date procedure that guide an  students keeping in mind their academic qualifications, personal and financial background. 
  • ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS  concentrate  personally on every  student’s application, thus  providing an outstanding platform to make a dream of a student come true of  studying  abroad.
  • ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS  accommodate  students who are looking forward to study in Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, USA and UK. We furnish all the required  information with a range of features  and the benefits of pursuing education in the above mentioned countries. 
  • ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS  has a broad information  of schools/ colleges/ universities and up-to-date information on the recent developments in the field of overseas education.
  • ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS   main intention is to make sure that every student is assisted to go in  the best institution which will be equivalent to their profile. We guide students with all features of future planning and organizing  their study overseas. 
  • ONE SOURCE OVERSEAS  understands  that a student’s achievement  is in a straight line related to the growth  of our organization.