LOCATION: Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia

POPULATION: 4,425,720 (July 2005 est.)

GDP: $131.3 billion (2005 est.)

SIZE: 692.7 sq km

LANGUAGE: Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Tamil, and other Chinese dialects

MAJOR INDUSTRIES: oil drilling equipment, petroleum refining, rubber processing and rubber products, processed food and beverages, ship repair, offshore platform construction, life sciences, entrepot trade, electronics, chemicals, financial services,


1. Singapore expresses the essence of today's New Asia: a vibrant, multi-cultural, cosmopolitan, sophisticated city-state where tradition and modernity, East and West, meet and mingle most agreeably and harmoniously.

2. Singapore is a global city where talent gather to share innovative ideas, start new businesses, and engage in exciting career opportunities. Singapore is a nation built by immigrants and it still welcomes all who are keen to play a part in its exciting economic development.

3. Singapore offers a globally top-ranked working populace, recognised for its high level of productivity, technical proficiency and positive work attitude, because of our continued investment in expertise-training to ensure depth of knowledge and currency of skill.

4. Singapore is ideally located as the gateway to regional countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei and Thailand. All are easily reached via ferry, train, plane or even coach, with ravel times being no longer than three hours. Economic progress has given Singapore a 21st century facade and outlook.

5. Singapore is the world's third most wired nation and Asia's most wired, one where online banking & mobile lifestyle have become the norm. And close to 99% of the population, or almost every home, school and business has access to broadband Internet.

6. Continuous learning has become increasingly significant, given rapid changes in technology and changing needs.Singapore has risen to the challenge of providing quality adult education by attracting Ivy League and leading institutions to set up their campuses in Singapore.

7. There are already more than 50,000 international students in Singapore, of which about over 2,000 are Indian students pursuing education opportunities at various levels. Many international students are attracted to the quality UG and PG programmes offered by Singapore's local universities as well as international universities based in Singapore.

8. Singapore is the hub of business in Asia

9. Almnost every MNC has its Asia-Pacific head office in Singapore making it easier for students to find jobs.


a) Associate Degree
b) Bachelors Degree or Bachelors (hons.) Degree
c) Graduate Certificate or Diploma
d) Vocational Graduate Diplomas
e) Masters 
f) Doctoral Degree

Visa Procedure
A Student's Pass allows a foreigner to remain in Singapore for the purposes of study. A foreigner is required to apply for a Student's Pass if he/she has been accepted by an education institution to pursue full-time studies in Singapore, unless he/she is a:

- Dependant's Pass holder studying in a Government/ Government-Aided/ Independent school/ Foreign System School/ Kindergarten registered with MOE or Childcare centre licensed by MCYS;

- Immigration Exemption Order holder; or

- Visitor who has been granted a short term Social Visit Pass at the Singapore Checkpoint and wish to attend a short course that can be completed within the validity of the initial Social Visit Pass granted to him/her at the Singapore Checkpoint or 30 days, whichever is shorter. The course must:
a) be a complete module and stand-alone module of its own. Courses with multiple programme modules are excluded from this Student's Pass exemption scheme; and
b) not involve hands-on practical occupational training and/or industrial attachment which have interaction with walk-in customers or be conducted at premises that are also places of business, e.g. hair salons and beauty salons.

Depending on the type of education institution that a foreigner is intending to study in, the requirements and procedures for applying for a Student's Pass will differ. Please check with the education institution you intend to study with for more information:

Security Deposit:

CountryForm of security depositRate per person
Bangladesh , Myanmar, People’s Republic of China and IndiaBanker’s Guarantee from any established bank in Singapore or Cashier’s Order$5000
Indonesia , Philippines and ThailandBanker’s Guarantee from any established bank in Singapore or Cashier’s Order or NETS$1000
OthersBG/ Cashier Order/ NETS$1500

Processing Time
The processing time for a new Student’s Pass application is about 4-6 weeks for an approved PEO upon the receipt of you application provided that no further verification is required. The local sponsor and the school will be notified of the outcome by post. 
• The security deposit will be required only after a student pass application has been approved 
• Medical check on the applicant may be required if requested by the ICA 
• Applicants/ Students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the ICA during their studies in Singapore