Following is the list of activities – a ‘step by step process’ followed by 'One Source Consultants' to provide complete services and satisfaction to the students:

Career Counseling and Analysis

The valve of education depends on the career goals which we reach. If the ‘career’ is well planned we can focus on our education. At One Source, we provide all the guidance required for your career planning by analyzing the psychology of the student's mind and aptitude and thus help a student to move in the right direction and to the right destination. The professionals with their skills and experience guide the students to go for a variety of career options which helps them to power their educational valves and thus strengthening their education at a steady point.

At One Source we have skilled qualified and trained professionals, who can put you forward by providing a range of career options. We do have update in its ranks, which have versatile qualifications and experience to suggest right career options. We also have latest up-to-date records, updated regularly, which make available all the necessary keys i.e.:- scope, opportunities, prospects required in your field.

I) Confirmed admissions in good university

ii) Availing Scholarships

iii) Training students with IELTS and TOEFL

iv) Completing Application process at our cost

v) Preparing SOP, resume, transcripts and financial documents etc

vi) Assisting in Visa procedures

Information and Decision making: (Selection of Right Mix - Course, University and Country)

Students get a helping hand from the member of  One Source team in taking final decision about the precise course and the college/university  in a particular country maintaining steadiness in students necessity and eligibility  factor.

It is necessary to be aware of  realize of the variety of offers about the country and university on which the students necessities get fulfill so as to reach the goal in their career. Further, few destinations such as Switzerland is exceptionally known for ‘Hospitality and Tourism’, etc.

The problem arises for the students as they get jumbled in managing various courses .once that is finalized responsibility of admissions is totally on one source, wherein they not only save money in the procedure of admissions as the applications are forwarded at our cost (bearing the fees that is charged by the university) and also a quality time of a student is saved which may be a pre-requisite feature for an winner.

Country Selection:

When there are different countries providing education it becomes difficult to tale the decision of choosing a particular country as we may not be aware of the country or its circumstances fully.

Here one source will assist in the right direction by providing all the necessary information about all the countries .North for USA, west for UK, and East for Australia.  By using this detailed information you will have an authority of taking an appropriate decision. One source will as always guide in making choice of the right country and also offering you the agenda, rank and job opportunities.

Course Selection:

When there are ' n' number of courses with specialty in each course and infinite choice for selection, it becomes complicated for the student to make a perfect selection. The proficient at one source will help you in this feature.

We at One source have all the required information up to date for all level of courses (Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters Etc.) in all the countries. Our counselors will broadly evaluate the information, which will help you to make a careful selection for the right course depending on your first choice, educational qualification and future prospects.

At One source, you are on the right path!

University selection:

In all about there are about thousands of colleges all throughout with more than 200 universities in USA, 40+ (39) in Australia and 120+ (132) in UK, not to mention about thousands of colleges all throughout. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

If you just revise one field of study – for example Computer Science – you will find there are more than 800 universities in USA providing option for this program. As a student, it becomes difficult for you of making a choice of a preferred program that goes along with your academic background. But where can you get a financial assistance. The job becomes difficult for a newcomer, but not for a one source experts.  

We have a complete catalog which is updated regularly providing all the information about the universities and their syllabus programs. Our team members keep in touch with the latest information about the universities and colleges to verify what is good for you.

With all the expert assistance, you will be at the right destination and at the right time.

This is provided as part of our regular service.

Documentation, Application Processing and Admission at the selected university:

An excellent application with all the necessary documents and details:

  • Creates an optimistic approach on the institution.
  •  Thus raising the hope of securing admissions and thus gets and hassle free admission to the University / College which we preferred for.  

    Students are most often not informed about how to proceed with the required documents that has to be submitted for the purpose of admission. The member of   One Source team will provide all the guidance required by the students with all the particular documents that has to be submitted along with the application forms. We at outsource keeps touch with the Universities / Colleges about the position and growth of students’ applications. Consequently, our students are relieved of the follow-up activity. Thus One Source professionals will ultimately result into their student's first choice in all the university they have applied for.

One Source also sends its ‘recommendations’ by putting more weight age on the students strong point , amplifying reasons for a student to be granted an admission. Universities in general consider this in their decision. Some Universities ask for consultant’s private opinion of the applicant / student. English language tests (IELTS / TOEFL) may be waived on the base of reasonable comment about the student by the consultant.

SOP Assistance: 

Every university/Department has diversified necessities to arrange a Statement of Purpose, (SOP) which is or else also known as declaration of objective, institution application essay or simply essay etc. This SOP is a decisive admittance certificate which makes or breaks an admission. If the SOP is fine, the institute may neglect a few slight deficiencies and make an optimistic conclusion. Under similar circumstances, a student is helpless, if the SOP is imperfect, even if other aspects of the application are of good quality.

When required, one source reviews the SOPs, assess the content, recommend some modification and make the SOPs more valuable for applicants’ purpose. This service is provided FREE OF COST.

One Source has developed a comprehensive ‘Application Support Kit’, which consist of,

  • Strategy of SOP
  • SOP Dos and Don’ts
  • Sample SOP


Like the Statement of Purpose, (SOP) recommendations occupy a key position in admission decisions.

One Source makes a very careful assessment and advice students on

  • Who should recommend,
  • What is the content of approval?
  • What conclusion are taken based on the content of recommendation,
  • Which are the most efficient recommendations?
  • How many recommendations to be surrender etc. are the key aspects?

One Source assess and (if needed, suggest some changes) the proposal letters to suit the need of the universities and consequently improve the on the whole application power of students.

This service is provided FREE OF COST.

Admission Formalities:

There are several formalities to follow, in order to complete admission process

  • Deadlines of the department concerned
  • Deadlines of the Graduate School/University/College
  • Pre-requisite Tests information and requirements (TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc.)
  • Application fees and payment formalities
  • List of documents required for admission
  • Various locations to where the application material has to be sent
  • Different approaches to know the admission status
  • Contact methods to know about the Letter of Offer/I-20 dispatch status
  • Further steps to confirm the admission with your chosen university

One source professionals and regular contact with the admission offices of the majority of the institutes/colleges helps us in keep in touch with all the above aspects and provide you unparalleled service while implementing the admission procedure on your behalf.


Scholarship Assistance:

Scholarship and economic aid are offered to meritorious International students, by the respective institutes or universities.

There are numerous fundamentals which also consider some form of help/award based on the educational performance and other aspects of a global applicant.

In some cases, the government promotes international students with their individual scholarships. (Eg. Fulbright Awards, USA, IPRS in Australia and British Chevening Scholarships, UK)

By keeping check on such information and by careful evaluation of possibilities, One Source gives all the essential assistance to every applicant. We also make available all the recent news on different research/award prospect, by redeploying information in our News & Reviews section. 

Visa Procedure and Documentation:

Once the student received an offer letter from the University / institute, One Source inform its students with the visa process to be followed in the country and direct them in arranging the different documents necessary for getting a valid student visa.

One Source also recommend the students for their visa interview through mock interview sessions. With regular study on the different visa procedures and without miscalculating the review of other students, One Source can boost the students throughout this period.

 Bank Loans:

We make available a catalog of nationalized banks offering Bank Loans at reasonable rates. Moreover, we also help students in the whole process, initially from the submission of application form, to necessary documentation, eligibility criteria and the choice of bank.


Travel Arrangements: OneSource overseas has a well co-coordinated Travel Desk that offers the

following services to students:
  • Passport Application (New and Renewal)
  • Discounted Air Ticketing
  • Discounted Courier Services
  • Foreign Exchange Requirements
  • Internal Travel Arrangements
  • Tours Arrangements for Students with their Families
Airport Pickups etc., including ticket booking, seat/meal preference, advanced seat requests, finding economical airfares.

Accomodation (Living Abroad):

A query that the majority of parents wants to know about!

One Source offers all the thorough information to the students with respect to their University accommodation booking and payment; which in turn ensures the safety of a student in an international country


Assistance in Overseas Insurance:

For overseas insurance of students intended for leaving abroad is guided by us. A student can obtain foreign exchange through banks.
We assist in getting foreign exchange from banks for our students.  [For Students from India] .

Foreign Exchange Services (Currency):

OneSource has an official contract with ‘UAE Exchange India (Ltd.)’ to offer the students with a discounted exchange rate on currencies, drafts, etc. The travel insurance and a whole lot of other benefits (value added services) are offered to the students.

Mobile Phones:

We guide a student in getting mobile services before they leave for their university/college. These connections come with various schemes offering cheaper calling rates and/or rental plans. 

Pre-departure Briefings:

    * Essentials about ticketing

    * How to go about with Forex

    * What to carry with you

    * How to open an a bank account

    * What if you fall ill?

    * And all the tips and information that you need



OneSource will help you to adjust to the new atmosphere hassle freely, by providing you invaluable direct information about various aspects like:

Receiving at Airport.
A caretakers/University official receives students at airport.

Accompany student to university and help in settling down at no additional cost.
Caretakers will accompany students till the university campus and help them in all possible ways in their settlement until the university provides them hostel rooms for accommodation.

Students' registration at the University.
The University registration formalities are done under our.

Assistance in all the formalities on arrival at the University.
We assist in getting the Residence Permit, Physical check-up and all other formalities on arrival at the University.

Assistance in any issues concerned [For the complete duration of Study]
our executives/ caretakers are available throughout the year for solving any sort of queries of the students.

Travel Arrangements assistance.
Students wishing to travel home on vacations are guided by our executives in all their travel arrangements.

Assistance in health related problems.
Our executives/ caretakers look into health issues of the students.

Regular feedback to parents on student’s development.
For parents in need of any guidance and progress review of the student, we arrange for it through the university on specific request.

Special travel arrangements for parents.
Parents who want to accompany their ward at the time of admission or wish to visit china, we assist in visa
. Advice local transportation and buying a car
documentation and travel assistance with minimal
charges and also interpretation services are arranged on request at vary lucrative price

  • Advise on accommodation and arrangement.
    • Purchase of house hold items.
      • Driving License.
        • Getting a part time job.
        • Practical advise on living.
      • Advise on immigration and work permits.
    • Do's and Don'ts in foreign country.
  • Help in socializing with community.