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One  Source handles hundreds  of tasks for administrators, helping  processess run smoothly.All companies using  One Source will  significantly reduce the exorbitant costs incurred through printing and  mailing  thousands  of  reports,  assignments, and  forms . Simple  calendars  shares  important administrative  dates and world-wide events with board of control and staff.One Source's scheduler takes  into  account  the  dozens  of  factors  every  administrator  must  analyze  and generates a conflict-free  schedule.  One  Source's  email  accounts  help  administrators  keep  track of a large amount of correspondence and our secure storage system keeps massive amounts of files organized and well-protected.

IT Directors
One Source's  platform  incorporates  every  feature into one comprehensive experience, eliminating both the  headache  of  maintaining  physical  equipment  as  well as the need for multiple software programs that can’t communicate and share information easily with each other.Spiral is Web-based, so  there  are  no  incompatibility  issues  with  browsers  or  computers . Your  company’s  internet connection  is  all  you  need.  Far  less time is spent training staff and  reading thick  user manuals because  One  Source's  technology  is so  intuitive. Your  entire organization can save files to their personal  storage folders, and access  them from  any location. For  every module, security  is tight and only those authorized to view sensitive information are  granted access, so member information is private. Our data is backed  up every hour and  kept safe  in Google's  network  of data  centers. Google  maintains a number of  geographically distributed  data centers  the  locations  of which are kept discreet for  security purposes. Google's  computing  clusters are  designed with resiliency and redundancy  in  mind, eliminating  any  single  point  of  failure and minimizing the impact of common equipment  failures  and  environmental  risks. One  Source  reduces  exposure  to  inappropriate  or unlawful  activities  within the  organization's  community members by strictly  enforcing  role-based access  to  data  and  system  features,  keeping a  log of  all critical  changes to school data, and carefully separating school  data from the personal information and private communications between community members.

For Schools

Younger generations have grown up with  computers, so  managing schoolwork online  is  easy  and  effective for students.Through their personalised accounts, students can view daily  and  long-term  assignments, download  the  resources  they  need,  then submit their work electronically.They can check  their  performance  online  and  communicate  with  teachers, allowing them to monitor their progress  and  be accountable  for their  own  educations. In  order  to stay on top of their events, courses and commitments, students can  check class schedules in real time, and manage and share multiple calendars.

Parental involvement is one of the foremost factors in student success. Every parent has a personal account, through  which  they can  stay involved  with  their children’s education and keep track of  their  progress. Our  platform’s  design is  intuitive and  easy  to  use, so  all  parents, regardless of  technological  dexterity, can  reap  the  benefits of  the One Source's community. Periodic progress reports show  parents  their children’s grades, so they can identify problems early  on. Each  parent receives a  full-featured  email  account,  which  allows  them  to  communicate  with  teachers  by sending messages using a pre-populated Address Book. Parents can view calendars in order to keep  an  eye  on  upcoming  commitments and  coordinate their children’s activities. They can also easily  handle any financial transactions by paying tuition bills or other expenses online.

One  Source's  Gradebook  relieves  teachers’  workloads  and  makes their  lives easier, saving time and allowing them to work  wherever  they  choose. Through  the Gradebook, they  can create and upload  assignments  and  quizzes  in  a  variety  of  formats. The Gradebook calculates and records grades according to teachers’ exact  specifications and  sends final  grades to administrators at the end of the term. Every morning, teachers  can take  attendance in a  one-click  process.  Our many user-friendly tools  make  communicating  with parents, teachers, and  administrators a simple task. The calendar shows  teachers all the  important dates  they need to keep track of, such as marking periods, meetings, and conferences.