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The Google  application is  among the  first, and  certainly  one of  the most  advanced, built  using  an  innovative "webtop" user  interface. It approaches the responsiveness and convenience of traditional desktop software, while displaying real-time data to multiple users of the system based in different locations. The system runs entirely over the Internet within a single browser window. We support all modern browsers.

Organizations do not need to purchase or install any software or hardware to  instantaneously provide  access to administrators, end users and other staff. Google regularly upgrades the system with new features and improvements, which are immediately available to all users.

Multiple redundant servers located  in a state-of-the-art data center  ensure that your data is always  available. We use bank-level security to protect your data, including regular data backups, as well as 128-bit encryption of all data transferred between our servers and users' browsers. At Google, organizational and personal information will survive computer crashes, virus attacks, vandalism, natural disasters, and  power failures.

The Google platform is built on reliable and secure technologies: Linux, PostgreSQL, Java, Hibernate, Tomcat, Google Web Toolkit and Ext-GWT.